Create packaging for a flagship extra-aged sipping tequila, crafted by Sauza’s Master Distiller in honour of the new corporate brand positioning of ‘Casa Sauza’.

Sauza Fields


Visits to Mexico and the USA gave us a book full of fascinating stories and insights. But for any drinks brand with history and heritage, two things tend to rise to the top of the list: ‘Founding Legends’ (what kind of person started the enterprise, and why?) and ‘Pride of Place’ (where is it from, and why does that matter?)

Sauza 5

Design Solution

‘The Don’, a tapered bottle in the cognac style, with a unique stopper design ‘strapped in’ by leather reins attached to the bottle shoulder. We also gave the spirit its name: ’XA’, a nod to fine cognac but just like the bottle, with a distinctive Mexican twist. A warm, grained leather box with embossed branding completed the package.

Sauza 1

Project Type

Brand Creation

What we did:

Brand naming
Bottle 3D design
Outer packaging (3D) design
Label design
Brand Movie

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